Institut de France – Librairie Les Immortels



About This Project

Located opposite the Louvre and the gateway to the arts, the Les Immortels bookstore is located on a very frequented axis and ideally located.
The project, desired by Chancellor Xavier Darcos, is part of the desire to restore the Quai de Conti Palace to part of its original soul. The old passage designed by Le Vau, which linked the rue de Seine to the Quai de Conti, has returned to its former life. This passage was lined, before the Revolution, with stands selling books. These were the ancestors of the booksellers, who must have settled on the banks of the Seine when the passage was closed.
The creation of the bookstore is also part of a more comprehensive restoration project for the facades on the rue de Seine and rue Mazarine side. For this project, in addition to the renovation of the passage Le Vau, we will take care of the creation of new French windows in the spirit of the 17th century on the forecourt of the Institute and on the rue de Seine. The works consist in the realization of oak wood aged in air 11 years, having the historical aspect while respecting the functional characteristics of our time. The accessories as well, as the hinges, handles and locks have been recreated following the same criteria.
For the creation of a new helical staircase with a steel structure and its railing within the bookstore, the supporting iron structure was covered with placo, then painted in a semi-gloss black color, just like the steps which have been covered with walnut wood.
The ground floor in solid oak was laid in Hungarian point in order to respect the original motif of the project, with a star with several points.
The chandelier made of stainless steel sheet, worked with laser cutting, evokes the olive branches that adorn the green clothes of members of the Institut de France.